Silverlight Deep Zoom

Silverlight Deep Zoom, is the fastest, smoothest, zooming technology on the web, able to handle thousands of gigapixel images with high frame rate. The Silverlight plugin is available on all the major browsers and operating systems


HD view

HD View is a new viewer developed by Microsoft Research's Interactive
Visual Media group to aid in the display and interaction with very
large images


AG and RG Barber Board room commission- Click the top right corner to view full screen.

Project News

Gigapixel projects begin the documentation of the remedial works at Dawes Twine works.
Saturday 13 ,March 2010
Site tidy at Dawes Twine Works

About Gigapixel Projects

We are specialists in ultra high definition photographic images We deliver seamless rectilinear and asphreical high definition panoramas and 360 virtual tours utilising Silverlight and HD view to offer the best visual delivery of imagery over the internet. We are able to provide High resolution printed images in excess of 500 million pixels with print sizes up to 24meters.
Our clients include:
AG and RG Barber, Coker Rope and twine trust, Ventetia Dearden photography.

360 Tours please click image